Anger Management Program

Irritation, aggravation, anger or rage are feelings people experience daily. Some of us seem to be unable to control anger explosions which can lead to emotional/verbal violence and physical aggression. These “explosions” cause problems at work place or home as well as troubles with the law.

The goal of the Anger Management Program is to offer professional help in controlling and containing anger. Participants of this program gain knowledge on anger as emotion and learn how to manage negative emotions and express them in the constructive and respectful ways. The program provides strategies and tips for conflict resolution, assertive communications skills, “time out” and relaxation methods.

Anger Management treatment is designed for 8-10 individual or group sessions. Fees are based on a sliding scale. Sessions are conducted in English and Polish and offered to accommodate clients’ schedules.

To register for Anger Management, please call: (773) 427-6357.